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Youth In Democracy

The future of democracy in India, and indeed the world, depends a great deal on how youth engage in the coming period. PRIA believes in authentic, empowering participation of youth in nurturing, protecting and deepening democracy, and in its 35th year (2017) commits to facilitating engagement of 1 million youth across 100 districts and cities of the country through its Youth In Democracy programme.

Did you know?

• India is the largest democracy in the world today.
• Half of India’s population is below the age of 25 years. This is the largest group of youth in any country, any time in history.

Given all the socio-economic challenges being faced by people of India, it is important that Indians, in particular the future generation, continue to believe in and support democratic form of governance and live democracy every day.

Democracy in everyday life means respect for diversity of communities, cultures, languages, religions…

Democracy in everyday life means freedoms of association, assembly, speech and actions…without hurting others 

Democracy in everyday life means listening respectfully to voices of women, dalits, tribals, minorities, LGBTs…

Democracy in everyday life is equality of opportunity to all citizens!

Youth In Democracy will channelize the creativity of youth and the wisdom of crowds to understand:

• What do the youth of India think of, and about, democracy?
• Do they experience such democracy in everyday life?
• What restricts democracy in their everyday life?
• How can the democratic ethos in India be improved?
• How would the youth like to do this?

The inaugural event, Youthra 2017, a street theatre competition, will be held on 5 February 2017.

College dramatics socieites are invited to perform. The performance needs to communicate their understanding of Youth In Democracy and how they experience democracy in everyday life.

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