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Martha Farrell Award for Best Organisation for Gender Equality

Majlis Legal Centre, Mumbai was judged winner of the Martha Farrell Award for Excellence in Women's Empowerment--Best Organisation for Gender Equality, 2017.

Majlis Legal Centre was founded in 1991 by Advocate Flavia Agnes. It is an all-women organization, based in Mumbai, which is dedicated to providing legal support and legal training to women. Majlis is a one of its kind organization, which believes in focused legal support work for women’s rights by women. It has defended over 50,000 women in their struggle against domestic and sexual violence and has trained over 4,000 women lawyers on various laws related to women’s rights in Maharashtra.

Majlis has employed only women since their inception and are a team of 35 women lawyers and social activists. To sustain their all-women team, Majlis provides for a very caring and a supportive workplace for all their staff. It has provided flexible working arrangements and child care support to its staff.
Martha always emphasized on the importance of engendering institutions. At Majlis, creating a workplace that enables women to fulfill their potential within the organization is practiced everyday.

Receiving the award on behalf of the organisation was Adv. Flavia Agnes, Founder of Majlis Legal Centre. Speaking on the occasion she said, “We all at Majlis are proud to be the first winners of Martha Farrell awards for the best organisation engaged in women’s empowerment. It has given Majlis a new meaning of feminist activism, far beyond the rhetoric."

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