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Inclusive Citizens Build a Better City

PRIA launched a weeklong campaign starting 31st October in three cities -- Ajmer, Jhansi and Muzaffarpur -- to commemorate World Cities Day. World Cities Day is celebrated every year with the theme Better City, Better Life to help promote successes of urbanization, or address specific challenges resulting from urbanization. 

31 October was just another day for the middle class residents of Ajmer (in Rajasthan), Jhansi (in Uttar Pradesh) and Muzaffarpur (in Bihar). Until they woke up to learn from PRIA that it was World Cities Day. They were asked to #JustThink – How important are slum dwellers in your lives? Their domestic workers, the sanitation worker who collects the garbage from their homes, the  vendor from whom they buy their vegetables, the guards who man the office buildings where they work… what would we do without them? #JustThink

Early morning walkers in parks, professors from nearby universities and colleges, students of journalism and mass communication, children from middle class colonies – they became more aware of the contribution and lives of the urban poor, interacting with them, learning about their lives, trying to understand a poor family’s dreams…

Ajmer, Jhansi and Muzaffarpur came one step closer to becoming more inclusive, to building a better city for all its residents.

Celebrating World Cities Day was part of PRIA’s ongoing Engaged Citizens-Responsive City program (supported by the EU). Engaged Citizens-Responsive City began in 2016, working to strengthen civil society of the urban poor such that they can meaningfully participate and influence planning and monitoring of sanitation services in Indian cities. 

Feature Story