Dr. Darlene Clover from University of Victoria taught participants of the Mentor Training Program the use of arts in participatory research methodology. This session was part of PRIA's ongoing Knowledge for Change (K4C) initiative, which promotes the use of participatory research among students and professors....Read More

Mr. Wangoola Wangoola Ndawula, a sought after international speaker on issues of Indigenous knowledge and African spirituality, gave a talk in PRIA about the need for preserving Indigenous knowledge and building a knowledge society...Read More

Over the past few years, PRIA has been engaging boys and men in conversations on gender identity and gender equality. Yashvi Sharma reflects on her experience of engaging young boys in high schools and in the community on gender, violence against women and adolescent issues. Many young boys have told her they feel pressure too.... Read More

Women are taking the lead in Ajmer, Jhansi and Muzaffarpur – a veritable army of motivated, willing women citizen leaders who will not take ‘No’ for an answer when it comes to improving the conditions in their settlements.... Read More

Why has the pattern of poverty not changed significantly despite so many schemes? The key to understanding why entrenched socio-geographies of poverty have not changed in India is to focus on governance. Reforming governance in the states and national ministries will achieve SDGs, writes Rajesh Tandon... Read More

Praatibh Mishra’s poem speaks in the voice of women, demanding respect every day, in personal and public spaces.... Read More

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