Facilitating Child Friendly Smart Mandals
Celebrating 35 years (1982-2017)
Ensuring Safety for Women in Public Spaces
Rapid Action Learning Units To Make Swachch Bharat Mission Effective
Engaged Citizens, Responsive Cities Make Smart Cities
Making Democracy Work for All Citizens
Raising Voice to Demand Action
Building Knowledge With Communities

Can civil society and government work together? PRIA, over 35 years, has consistently supported government’s efforts to engage with civil society, and has advocated for a robust relationship of trust and mutual cooperation. PRIA suggests 5 practical ways in which this can be taken forward by Niti Aayog...Read More

Citizen engagement in city development and governance processes is evident in Jhansi, Ajmer and Muzaffarpur, where PRIA has been facilitating citizen engagement among informal settlements. These cities have improved their rankings in Swachh Survekshan – 2017....Read More

Rajesh Tandon, Founder-President, PRIA attended the Panchayat Day celebrations in Lucknow. It's been 24 years since panchayati raj institutions were constitutionally mandated. How many more years before real decentralisation and commitment to the people becomes a reality?... Read More

The digital world is full of opinions, positions, pronouncements. Truth can become a casualty. Whose voice is being heard? Power to voice from the margins, the excluded, subaltern and the invisible can only be enhanced if ‘truth’ is not compromised, exaggerated, distorted or camouflaged.... Read More

PRIA's Youth-n-Democracy program engages youth in #DemocracyInEverydayLife. This video shows some methods that have been used to engage with youth in several PRIA locations. Join the journey!... Read More

A short film on Dr Martha Farrell, former director of PRIA, who was killed in a terrorist attack in 2015 in Kabul, Afghanistan. She was there to conduct a gender training. Her work and ideals are being carried forward through the Martha Farrell Foundation (www.marthafarrellfoundation.org)... Read More

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